Vintage Dope

Cratediggin' gangsta rap, courtesy of Dawhud and Ryan Fresh
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Ryan Fresh (of Vintage Dope)
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Ryan Fresh


Dusted off the Dr. Sample and fucked around with a Freddie Hubbard record that I got on a lark. 

Listen/purchase: Vintage Dope - V-Dope Biz by Various

New Vintage Dope song, just in time for summer!

Here’s a copy of my new mixtape, VINYLS 2, featuring Dawhud(’s picture on the cover). Um…Click on the pic and download it there’s some cool shit on there, but I’m too lazy to list the tracks because. 

Dave made a video version of our song “Cratebangin’” CZECH IT!

Practice sesh in the JewPino Haus

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Ryan Fresh x MC Eiht x Morrissey,
Fuck Valentines Day

I had some time to kill before work, so I put this shit together in like 10 minutes. 

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Bootlegs and B-Sides

Here’s a flip that I did for Dawhud’s latest solo track “The Fall,” just in time for Valentine’s Day

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Revisionist History

Dawhud, “The Fall”

A new Dawhud solo track from his “Revisionist History” project. Thanks to February being a month of romance and all, D put his spin on the Slum Village (and Dilla) classic “Fall in Love.” He book ends it with a little nod to “I Used to Love HER.” This joint is straight up BANANAS!

Download “The Fall” Here

Anyone wanna hook us up on a tour out there?