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Cratediggin' gangsta rap, courtesy of Dawhud and Ryan Fresh

Vintage Dope’s own Dawhud getting some love. 


Big Day for my Vintage Dope partner, Dawhud (or Dave, as I like to call him). Today he put out a mixtape hosted by Black Moon producer and all-around NYC legend DJ Evil D. Dave worked super hard on this and he’s kind of a perfectionist, so myself and Corey (lawndartsanyone) were often on the other end of emails and texts with Dave checking and rechecking the flow of the songs, different mixes, etc.

I think what impresses me most about this (removing the fact that I’m on it, plug) is that Dave approached it like an actual album, which is really the crux of some of my favorite mixtapes from the last few years (see also: Big KRIT, Bambu, Drake). There’s a lot of talent featured on here and homie is giving it away for free, which is to say that there’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t download this and show him some love.

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Ryan Fresh (of Vintage Dope)
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Ryan Fresh


Dusted off the Dr. Sample and fucked around with a Freddie Hubbard record that I got on a lark. 

Listen/purchase: Vintage Dope - V-Dope Biz by Various

New Vintage Dope song, just in time for summer!

Here’s a copy of my new mixtape, VINYLS 2, featuring Dawhud(’s picture on the cover). Um…Click on the pic and download it there’s some cool shit on there, but I’m too lazy to list the tracks because. 

Dave made a video version of our song “Cratebangin’” CZECH IT!

Practice sesh in the JewPino Haus

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Ryan Fresh x MC Eiht x Morrissey,
Fuck Valentines Day

I had some time to kill before work, so I put this shit together in like 10 minutes. 

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Bootlegs and B-Sides

Here’s a flip that I did for Dawhud’s latest solo track “The Fall,” just in time for Valentine’s Day